Neutral Eyes + Pink Lips Makeup Look

HOW TO: Neutral Eyes + Pink Lips Makeup Look

Here is a guide on how to achieve this youthful, soft glam makeup look with a pop of color! This look is perfect if you want to make a bold lip statement! You can achieve this look using all budget-friendly products that won't break the bank. Who says beauty has to be pricey? 
STEP 1: Prime your face. Spread primer all over your face for a flawless and smooth base. Use whichever primer best suited for your skin. Just Kolour Beauty Primer comes in a variety of color-correcting shades for all skin concerns. 
STEP 2: Apply Foundation or BB Cream. We like to use a sponge for a natural look. 
STEP 3: Apply concealer wherever you need it, under the eyes and on blemishes for a full coverage look. Use a color-correcting shade if needed. 
STEP 4: Apply powder to set your base. Use a translucent powder for a natural look or a color powder if you need more coverage. 
STEP 5: Apply blush and bronzer to sculpt and define your cheeks. Then add highlight to the highest points of your cheeks, under your brow bone, and inner corner of your eyes. 
Step 6: Apply neutral/warm tone eyeshadows. Use colors that will bring out your eye color. 
STEP 7: Fill and define your eyebrows with your favorite eyebrow product (Powder, pencil, or gel).
STEP 8: Use a black liquid eyeliner and apply a thin line on top of the eyes, closest to the lash line. 
STEP 9: Apply 2 coats of your favorite black mascara and avoid clumping by wiping off excess first. 
STEP 10: Apply your favorite false eyelashes. Make sure the glue is tacky before sticking onto the lash line. Our favorite lashes are J Lash because it's lightweight and has a large selection of styles. 
STEP 11: Outline your lips with a hot pink lip pencil that matches the lipstick. 
STEP 12: Apply the hot pink lipstick all over lips, making sure it does not bleed outside the lips. 
STEP 13: Apply a setting spray to lock in your makeup and last all day. (Optional)
You are done! Now you can rock this look anytime, anywhere and look fabulous! 
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