How to Shine Without Looking Shiny

How to Shine Without Looking Shiny

Highlighters have been a big trend in the beauty community because it can make us look dewy and healthy. However, highlighters can also make us look oily if we use it incorrectly. Here are tips and tricks on how to achieve the dewy skin “lit from within” look without looking like a greasy disco ball.

  • PRIME YOUR SKIN. You want to start off with a nice, smooth, soft base before laying on any product. If you have oily skin, use a mattifying primer to reduce the amount of shine that you will produce throughout the day. If you have dry skin, you can still prime with a hydrating primer, which will help the products apply better onto the skin. Then, let your skin soak in the products.
  • USE THE RIGHT FOUNDATION FOR YOUR SKIN. Like primers, you want to use a foundation that will help your skin type. So for oily gals, you want to use a mattifying foundation, like the L.A. Colors Truly Matte Liquid Foundation. This long-wearing formula will keep you from looking oily and hide any imperfections. If you are extra oily, remember to set your makeup with a powder, like L.A. Colors Mineral Pressed Powder. This is a great setting powder because it is lightweight and gives your complexion a smooth finish. For dry skin girls, you can opt for City Color’s B.B. Cream, which will provide moisture and hydration to your skin. This way, the highlighter won’t cling to any dry patches. Keep in mind that highlighters will highlight any imperfection and texture, so you want your base as smooth and perfect as possible.
  • LIQUID OR POWDER HIGHLIGHTER. This is really up to your preference, but we recommend liquid highlighters for dry skin and powder highlighters for oily skin. Our favorite liquid highlighter is L.A. Colors Illuminating Skin Enhancer. This product is amazing because it has a long-lasting formula that easily diffuses into your skin and looks really natural. As for our favorite powder highlighter, it has got to be the L.A. Colors Strobing Illuminating Powder. This baked powder formula is soft and glides onto your skin easily while transferring a good amount of pigment that will make your skin pop. You want to illuminate your skin and stay away from shimmers and glitters, which can look unnatural.
  • LAYERING IS YOUR FRIEND. If you want to build that nice, intense glow, you can layer the liquid highlighter under a powder highlighter. With liquid highlighters, you can mix it into your foundation or B.B. cream that that extra dewy look. For powder highlighters, you can apply wet for a more intense glow.
  • STRATEGICALLY PLACE YOUR HIGHLIGHT. Yes, you can overdo highlighting. Because highlighting can bring out skin texture and imperfections, you want to only place it where you want to shine. However, you can definitely use highlighters for anywhere on your body and face. Our favorite places to place my highlighter are on the tops of my cheeks, on top of my brows, under my brow bone, the inner corner of my eyes, the tip of my nose, and on my cupids bow. As for my body, I love to put it on my shoulders when I am wearing a top that exposes my décolletage.

I hope this guide helps you get started on your way to shine bright like a diamond!




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