Nu Pore Pomegranate Facial Mask Set

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Nu Pore's Brightening 3-Step Facial Set brings the spa to the comforts of your home. The facial set cleanses, balances and brightens your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and healthy. This all inclusive set is convenient for travel and great for daily use.

Step 1 - CLEANSE
Step 2 -  PRIME

Nu Pore sheet mask is a luxurious facial, individually soaked paper sheet that contours to your face, locking in the treatment and ensuring maximum effectiveness, leaving your skin radiant, soft and smooth. When your skin is parched and dehydrated, you need a sheet mask that gives you more than basic hydration. This mask is drenched in a hard-working cream that's surprisingly lightweight and easily seeps into skin without leaving behind any sticky feeling

Step 1: Purifying Cleanser - 1.5 g / 0.05 oz
Step 2: Priming Essence - 1.5 g / 0.05 oz
Step 3: Face Mask - 1 Mask 25 g / 0.85 oz

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